Message of Owner

Daniel Pettit

I pride myself on being a professional and a tenacious real estate agent. My achievements in the real estate industry have made me a pacesetter with amazing contributions. I successfully transitioned a 21-year career in HVAC and Marketing Engineering to a part-time commitment as a real estate professional. My experience as a real estate investor coupled with my 3-year service as a realtor have enabled me build a successful career.

With deep market knowledge, coupled with an analytical, detail-oriented approach, I am equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning buyers and sellers, delivering an experience rooted in customer service, integrity and expertise. I use effective and efficient communication skills, attention to detail, time management and organization, attributes that have contributed greatly to my success. My strong negotiating and marketing skills make me a keen advocate for clients, proactively seeking out new opportunities to enhance my services and continually attain excellence, with client satisfaction the ultimate objective.

Available upon appointment, in the evenings and on weekends, I am a licensed realtor with an unmatched commitment and dedication for my clients. Outside real estate, I work a weekdays 9-5 job as a Marketing Engineer for Trane. My unique ability in building and maintaining incredible working relationships has contributed greatly to my success. I am motivated by the desire to become a global expert in my field, always bring my best self to the task with a positive attitude and smile in order to get things done.

On the off-chance that I am not working, I love spending time with friends and family. I also find engaging in self-development activities like playing foosball, bass guitar and home improvement most fulfilling. I believe that people are the root and foundation of our communities; to build strong communities, we must fortify the root. This is my motivation towards linking what my clients achieve to what they believe they deserve.